Friday, January 21, 2011


This seems to be my life lately.

I am typing up all my recipes I have written down on scraps of paper,
on napkins and even ones I have re-vised to my taste.

Why? .... Well I have AL WAY'S wanted to publish my own Cookbook series.

And NOW seems to be the time in my life that I can do that.

I am aiming to have the type of cookbook's along the same line
as Gooseberry Patch with a little "Country Girl Bling" added to liven them up.

I am also taking the time to remake a lot of my recipes
so I can have a color photo to add to the recipe.

I know I always "eat" with my eye's first.
And if I had a choice of buying a cookbook with pictures
over one that does not...well I would buy the one with the photo's.

It is a long process. However I am sure it will be worth it in the long run.

So keep checking back to see how the process is moving along.

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I use a program on where you can enter all your own recipes (or ones that you have collected over the years). You can add pictures, and print out into cookbooks. I just had mine printed (I had enough recipes for now for two volumes...100 recipes each volume). They are really nice. One day I hope to publish, but these are a good substitute for now to give family and friends, and to keep my recipes organized!

Oh, and I found you through Pioneer WOman :) Keep up the cute blog!

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