Monday, February 14, 2011


So Valentines day has never been one of my favorite holiday's.
I mean when your Single,... you hope someone will remember you.
When your hope your Husband will remember you.
And when you become a hope your child will remember you.

So I decided when my daughter was old enough to really enjoy the meaning of Valentines
Day, I (and husband) would make the holiday about her.

Therefore the 14 Day's of Valentines was born.
Starting on Feb. 1st. we would give her a Valentine every day.
Some years we gave her a puzzle piece in each valentine, that by the 14th day
would make a picture of what she would get. ( like a picture of a purse...then we would give her a new purse on Valentines Day).
Other times we would spell out the gift, and include 1 letter in each valentine.
And like this year we just attached a candy bar to the valentine each underlining meaning, just a treat. And this morning she received her "big" gift.
Making Valentines day about "her" makes me feel good and shows her how much (we)
thought about her. Usually My husband and I exchange cards and some years gifts.
He will usually take me to dinner. I usually make Cream Puff's for a special dessert.
So what I am saying here is....Make Valentines a Day a day YOU enjoy, weather you are the one giving or receiving. It will make it a fun holiday to look forward to every year!

Now....saying that LOOK what my hubby gave to me this year! :)

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