Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Car Wash to aid the Japan Red Cross

Today my Daughters Middle School held a community Car Wash.
All proceeds will go to Japan's Red Cross. To help aid all those in need.

You know most kid's don't like to wash cars. Let alone do it with out getting paid.
However these kid's were happy to do this service project.

My daughter has been talking about it for a week, asking if I would be able to bring down the truck to let her & her classmates wash it. And I have to say They weren't asking to much either...$10.00 a car / $15.00 a Truck 
I was more than happy to give that donation. And so many others were fact there were so many car's waiting to be washed they ended up calling you at home to tell you when to come back  :)

And as you can see by the picture's the kids WERE working. 
And having fun doing it! 

I for one am very proud of our Middle School for "stepping up" and thinking of a great way to give and let the kids get involved.  THANK YOU!


EmandM said...

This is fantastic! It's so great to see everyone's efforts!

bj said...

Car washes seems to be a good way to raise money. Good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

Oh my heart really have a very beautiful daughter. I am Mareli, thanks for dropping by at my site... ( Burger steak with gravy sauce) I am your new follower and I will be here each time you have a party. thanks for the invite.

Jessica said...

Hey mom I love how you told them we did a car wash. Oh and we earned 645 dollars I'm so happy we earned so much for Japan!!! Love you.

Holly said...

Aww I think that's so great!! Japan is in big need right now. Every lil bit helps!! Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog : ) Im definitely excited to link up with you on Mondays!! Have a great weekend : )

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