Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Angel ....Floppy Hat Faye....

A Couple of weeks ago, while checking in on some of the blogs I follow I came across a post of a Very Special little Girl.  FAYE.  Once I read Faye's story I could NOT just go back to my daily life. There is always a "feeling" I get when I "click" with a new person. 
Some times it is because they remind me of someone. Others it is because of their sense of humor. Or perhaps a common interest . I just pay "extra" attention though when this happens. I have learned in the past  not question why.....but to ask myself What do I need to learn from them?

Needless to say I am always learning something....even if I am perfect just like Mary Poppins.(lol)   Well This little girl is teaching me many things!  I have never meet Faye, nor have I ever talked to her.  But let me tell you ....FAYE speaks loud and clear to my heart!
 I have  emailed her Aunt Julie a few times though and I get the strong impression that this family is a very close, loving one.

I know everyone goes  through trials, so shouldn't we all want to help someone who is going through it?  I just recently saw a Fantastic saying: Friends and Neighbor's SEE all that you do.......God sees WHY your doing them.
I think that pretty much sums it up. Reach out to someone because you should WANT to help. I think Faye would just love it if her Aunt Julie came to visit along with a WHOLE HECK OF A LOT  of Comments  of well wishes or just to say "hi" for Faye.
Why not go to her blog site and add a message?! 



Trish - Sweetology101 said...

Lark, thank you for posting this. Just what we all need to hear.

Holly said...

Amen Lark. Such a great post. I've been honored to meet so many neat woman, you included, because of blogging. I really am so happy I did. I never thought blogging would I meet so many new and wonderful friends!! : )

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