Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just made up a few of these little Bunnies for my Activity Day Girls.
Super easy to make! Just need a wash cloth, ribbon or tulle, pom, pom,
and googlie eye's.

Roll your wash cloth, starting from a corner.
Fold in half, and then bend "ears" back opposite way.
Wrap tulle or ribbon around to tie off under the "chin".
Then tie a bow with another color for the bunnies collar.
Glue on the eye's, nose & tail.

It will hold a Chocolate Egg, in the back.


The Country Cook said...

These are SO darn cute!!
Ok - all ya have to do for the Recipe Roundup is to create a virtual Easter supper. Just use pictures and recipes already posted on your blog to create a meal (as best as you can). Then tag other bloggers in your post to do the same. :o)

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

we made some "modified" versions of these...will post pix soon- thanks again we had a blast!

The Better Baker said...

The bunnies are just darling! You sure have your hands in lots of things don't you busy lady? Thanks for sharing - enjoy a blessed Easter weekend. More again next week.....=)

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