Sunday, April 17, 2011


Was held in Las Vegas  this past weekend. I believe there were (4) different Relay for Life event's all going on this last Fri.-Sat.  here in Las Vegas.

My husband's work (Stratosphere Hotel & Casino) had a "Team". 
So Our Family decided to do it together with his co-workers. 
Our Relay event was held at the UNLV Track.
It started on Friday evening (6:00pm) and ran through the night, 
ending on Saturday at Noon. 
My "pretty" feet BEFORE the Relay.
We were a "small" group....but that didn't stop us from having a GREAT time!
My daughter Jessica and I

(From right to left) Neil:( aka Leo), My Man Matt, Our "Leader" Angie
Jessica, Mercedes and Alexis

Angie set up our tent earlier in the afternoon. Later  Neil (aka Leo), and Matt were sent or should I say volunteered to go get the B.B.Q. grill, makings for Smores, snacks, and a sun shade. While Angie, the girl's and  I stayed on the track walking.
* is still daylight*
 I am not quite sure WHY it took so long for the men to get back....... however I am pretty sure I walked for a good 2 hours.  :)
Still walking!

This is how dark it was when the men showed up and joined in on the walking . 
(And they say women take long shopping?) (lol)
 And still going STRONG!

We would take turns visiting the Port-a-Jane's  and grabbing a snack.
 Angie grabbing a snack

 Our Family each purchased a Luminary to decorate  in Memory of a loved one who lost the fight against cancer. I made mine in Memory of my Grandpa Marcum. My husband's was in Memory of his Dad. Jessica said she wanted to make it in HONOR of finding a CURE. (I was so proud of her!)


We each TRIED to grab a "nap"...but morning came and with only getting a couple hours sleep...we all NEEDED a Coke to wake us up to keep us going!

All in all it was a GREAT weekend as a family and new made friends! At the Closing Ceremony it was announced that the UNLV Relay event raised over 54 Thousand dollars! GO Rebels! 
My "pretty" Blistered feet after 16 hours of walking.
If you have ever wanted to make yourself feel GREAT....Volunteer!
If it's Money or Time, there are so many great Charities to help.

I am currently trying to raise the required $2300.00 in order to participate in the 
SUSAN G. KOMEN 3-DAY FOR THE CURE, held in Arizona in November. 
I was able to do this event last year. 
Finishing 60 Miles in 3 Days all for finding a cure. 
And I would love the honor of being able to do it again.

ALL $2300.00 goes to the KOMEN help find a Cure!
If YOU or someone you know wishes to donate or sponsor me for this great cause, PLEASE leave a comment and I will get in touch with you!

Thank you! WE ALL will benefit  when a CURE is Found!


Jessica said...

I love it and it's true we all walked for 16 hours... but the good thing is that I didn't get any blisters just my mom, and why did it tske so long for the men to bring the food? ha oh well love you.

The Better Baker said...

Oh Lark - what a lovely lovely post! Your pictures are your humor always is too. I love seeing pix of you and your family! Blessings on you for your determination to make a difference. I will walk for R4L in late June here...and of course, since my 5-yr old grandson still battles leukemia, our team is in his honor and it gives me great motivation. I admire you for being such an awesome voluneer!

Betty Martha said...

How wonderful!
Our Relay is not until June and my 13 year old son is walking again this year (last year was his first) He has already chatted with his principal about having a bake sale to help him reach his sponsorship goal!
So proud of your daughter for walking with you as well!

Martha said...

I've just discovered your blog in the last few days and have been reading around here - love it! And this walk looks fantastic! So wonderful not only that you did this, but that you made it a family affair. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend!

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