Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

First to my Mom...Mary Kay Christensen.....I Love you Mom!
My Mom & Little Brother
 My Mom is such a talented woman! Not only did she have 7 children (I am lucky number 5) She started teaching Tap dance & Acrobatics when she was 12. And made a career out of it. YES, we all took tap! (even the 3 boys)  One of the things my Mom did that I think taught me how to cook so early in life was, (since she had dance classes to teach every week day) She made a "rule" that each child had a certain day of the week to be in charge of the dinner. We had to make sure we had all the ingredients for the dish, and prepare it.
 Now some of my siblings didn't really care for cooking, so some nights it was Hot dogs or frozen Pot Pies. But I remember making Casseroles.
Thank you Mom, for having the insight to teach with Love and responsibility. I Love you !

Now for all the other Mom's out there. And that means even the Women who haven't given birth. Mom's are the VERY meaning of unconditional Love. You don't have to give birth to do that.
Have a very Happy, Relaxed, Stress-Free Day!

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The Better Baker said...

Oh how sweet! Love the picture - your mama was one creative and clever gal. Thanks a million for sharing - hope you had a very special day too! XO

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