Monday, August 29, 2011

Made it on Monday TOP 3 Pick for week #23

I made it through the 1st few days of  back to school. 
How did y'all do?
I think it is just as hard on me as it is my daughter,
to make sure she is up and at 'em each morning. 
So I had to of course "bribe" her with treats.
I knew I could find plenty to choose from with all your tempting treats
you shared on Made it on Monday last week.
Here are my Top 3 picks.

#1 This Sandwich made my mouth water! I have to tell you the "clincher" for me was the BACON...YUM. Thank you A lil' Country Sugar
BLT Paninni Sandwich
#2 This caught my eye right off. I can only hope my daughter will eat these like Heather's Boys. Basil Momma did it right with these  bad boys!
Stuffed Peppers
#3 These cookies just happen to be one of mine and my daughters favorites! I have never made them using Nutella...I WILL now, thanks to 
Shugary Sweets.
Nutella No Bake Cookies
As always I would like to thank each and everyone who 
takes the time out of their busy days to link up
your recipes to share with us all.
I look forward to see what you all have in store for me this week! 
Have a wonderful and safe week.
((hugs)), Lark


trooppetrie said...

Woo no bakes are one of my favorites too, never heard of them with nutella, definilty coming back for this one

Erin of said...

OOooo. Those no bakes do look delicious. I love Nutella!

Angie said...

Thank you Lark! And you have peaked my interest in the nutella....I will be out and about today, so yeah, I'm going to get some.

Ellen Zames said...

That Panini looks amazing!

Aimee said...

Hey Lark,
I heart you!

basilmomma: Heather Tallman said...

Thank you!! Looks like I found a few new things to make! Thank you for picking my stuffed squash!!

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