Friday, September 9, 2011

"Pay if Forward" Friday's

Welcome to "Pay it Forward"- Fridays
I have always loved inspirational stories.
Y'all know those that make you laugh and cry,
where you want to reach out and hugs the person.
Those who "look" beyond themselves.
STRONG, HUMBLE, GIVING  individuals.
These are the people I want to feature, here on Friday.
*If you happen to know of someone who fit's the
"Pay it Forward" description, please email me HERE

Let's start this off with a Very Special Family.
The Meldrum Family
The Meldrum family are a
"power packed, strong, religious, fun loving, giving" group!
I have never met this family in person....yet I feel as if
I could drop by and visit and be very comfortable there.
I first heard about this family, (well more so of Faye) months
ago from a post I read on a Mandy's recipe Box.
I encourage you to go to Floppy Hat Faye and read from the 
beginning post's of Faye's story and her families journey.
Yes it may take a bit of "time" to read them, however I can
promise you that it will make a change in you for the better.
Floppy Hat Faye
  I asked Stacey (Mother) a few questions about the family 
that I could share with y'all. So I will let her tell you in her own words.
If you know me, I am not one to talk about myself, even having the blog for Faye and writing things about us, is a bit hard for me, but if it even helps just one person....I have realized it is worth it!  And it is good for us, all the support we are given through Faye's blog....I don't know how we would do this with out all of these people praying, and pulling for us.  And the fact that Faye is one amazing little girl! 
 And cute...but I am a bit biased! 

Anyway so on to a little about us....Nick grew up in the Ogden,Utah area, while I spent my whole life in Layton, Utah.  Nick served a mission in Italy, and soon after he returned we  were introduced to each other..... The first date he asked me on I told him I couldn't go.  But later called him back and said I could!  After that he decided he wasn't going to ask me out again!  But we did go on the date, and he just couldn't  resist me...hahaha...and visa versa!  Our first date was the end of June, we were engaged mid August, and Married Nov 7th, (this year will be our 9th wedding anniversary!) 

 My occupation is a's what I have always wanted to be....and love every minute!  I did receive my associates from Weber State University in Ogden!  I had done some college before kids, and decided instead of throwing it all away I would at least finish the associates.  Nick received his bachelors from Utah State university in Landscape Architecture.  Then decided he wanted to go on to get his Masters in Real Estate and Land Development....hence what brought us to Texas!  He graduated just this last December from Texas AM...yep we are  &Aggies through and through...Utah State and A & M!  Also right after finishing school he got a job in College Station...he works for a company called Texas Digital as a project manager...they specialize in digital signs and menu boards.  
We have Mitchell who will be 7 in November, Faye who just turned 4 in July, and Nixon who will be 5 months on the 4th of Sept.  

Mitchell, Faye and Baby Nixon
 I asked Stacey to tell me every one's favorite food:

Nicks favorite food:  you can't beat a good homemade burger....
or corn on the cob!
Stacey: I can't resist the carbonara from the cheesecake factory!
Mitchell: this guy loves him some mashed potatoes, Swedish pancakes, and  he is also a big fan of wings.
Faye: she is my fruit eater....she loves strawberries, peaches, watermelon.....absolute favorite raspberries!  And ever since she was little she would eat corn on the cob....cooked or not, she didn't care!
Nixon.....he just likes to be fed! 

What hobbies/ what don't you like to do?

I Love to sew...or do crafts!  The problem is I see something and instead of buying it, I think I could just make that!  Let's just say I have a few projects to finish, or ones I am dying to start!  One thing you will never catch me doing is anything that might or has the potential of embarrassing me...i don't do silly things!  Well every once in a while.....nick says it's a real treat!
Nick...any free time he has he would go, watch, or anything with movies!  Definitely the way to that guys heart is tell him you will go to the movie with him!  Is is also a wonderful handyman.I asked him what he absolutely despises....he said he hates when he steps in therefore he tries not to even let the kids eat it....even though they know to throw it away....nothing can ruin a day more than stepping in gum!
Mitchell is our lover of anything Mario, or Phineas and Ferb!  He loves to play baseball!  Is a fantastic reader!  But oh so sensitive, he has such a soft heart, is the greatest big brother any crazy little sister could ask for!  Also I think when he grows up, he is going to be a lawyer or a salesman!  He is very good at reasoning, and giving you a different point to look at....which as his parents makes it really hard to tell him no sometimes!  
Faye....who knows,  that girl is all over the place!  She loves to play house, dress up, help me cook, help me clean....she is pretty easy going!  But stubborn....if she is going to do something it needs to be on her can suggest something, but until it is her's a no go!  She is a great helper!  In the morning, after she has bathed and got dressed she would straighten up the bathroom without even being asked, she would get the counters all cleaned off, and everything put back in it's place....let's hope that sticks!  Before she lost all of her hair ( well she still does this sow,times) right after taking a bath she would get the comb and comb out her own hair....made me smile seeing this little three year old looking in the mirror, getting all the tangles out of her hair!  Like I said she will still comb her hair....yep she only has a few stragglers...but she makes sure they look nice!
Nixon.....happiest little guy ever!  It's hard when you get to this guy...I am not even sure what to write!  I know on the weekends when I see him he is a good little him to pieces!
Both my boys are just like their dad....they get cranky in the evenings...and just want to go to bed! 
 But then are bright and early risers!
Faye and I on the other hand...could stay up's nice at the hospital we get this mom and Faye bonding time!  But I try and get her back on a bit more normal schedule for the weekend for dad! 

What is your daily schedule like?
Our schedule right now is I am with Faye from Sunday Night to Thursday night!  Then nick is with Faye from Thursday Night to Sunday Night!  They boys stay home most of the time, there are a few times they have made the trek for the switch, but usually nick or I just come and the other one heads right back!  We have been so blessed to have family and friends come to Texas to stay with the boys and take care of them while nick is at work and I am with Faye!  Since we are from Utah all of our family is also in Utah!  We are blessed that Nicks work is nice enough to let him work out of the office on give me a little more time home with the boys! 

I asked how their "story" started:

Starting around Christmas time we were in Utah visiting family, Faye started complaining about her legs, and within a day or two would not even put any pressure on them at all.  We were carrying her everywhere.  We took her to a doctor in Utah, they did crags found nothing to be wrong, told us to give her Advil, and if it didn't go away come back.  Well it went away...she would at least walk on them, but that was about it, the was no running, jumping, and watching her climb into the bed or the couch was a slow process.  When we got back to Texas she started complaint about her legs again, and we would spend countless nights rubbing her legs so she could sleep.  The only way she would walk on them usually was if we had given her some ib profen then she would walk on them a little more.  People kept telling us they were growing pains...and she has always had crooked looking legs, I don't know if it was because they hurt her so bad, but her legs started to look more and more crooked to us everyday!  Well one day she got sick with a cough, she had a fever that wouldn't go away, so we took her into the doctor, it hurt her to cough because of her legs.  The doctor didn't seem to concerned and said let's give her some antibiotics to get rid of her cough and when the cough is gone come back and we will see what we can do about her legs.  Well her cough finally went away, about a week before Nixon was born.  We hadn't got her into the doctor, and we had changed pediatritctians, so Nixon would see one we had never been to before!  When he was born and when we called to schedule his newborn check up we asked if they would be able to see Faye also.  So we took Nixon and Faye in!  The doctor ordered us to get more x-rays done, and blood tests!  That was on Friday afternoon.  Saturday morning we got a call saying we needed to get Faye to the emergency room right away, her hemoglobin levels were so low they were surprised she was even moving!  So Nick took her to the emergency room....and the rest is history, from they they went in a ambulance to Texas children's!  And began this life changing journey!
I look at this whole experience, and I cannot see how this is anything but a blessing.  Sure no one wants their kid to have cancer!  And when people tell me "heavenly father will not give you anything you can't handle" I don't think that saying is true!  I think he is just there to help you with the trials you are given!  Because if you would have told me even 8 months ago, that I was going to have a daughter with cancer...I would have told you that is one thing I don't think I could handle!  but seeing all for the generous people, and seeing the love in people's hearts for our family I feel truly blessed!  The comments through the blog, the words we hear from family and friends about people that have read Faye's blog and say it helps them to be a better person, I know they say we are helping them.....but I think that is where it comes full circle.....we are being lifted up by all these people, family, friends, strangers.....we couldn't do this without all the support, prayers, and love we feel!  
What have I learned from this....I have learned I am going to be a better, friend, mother, wife, sister, neighbor, person.  I have learned there is so much help, support love you can give people!  There is so much service out there to be done, and if there is something I can do to help someone I will!  Before I thought oh I can't give much, or I can't do I wouldn't do anything!  But through all this I have learned every little thing or bit helps!  And all those little things have meant the world to me!  So never again am I going to feel that what I can do doesn't matter and won't matter!
A "Pay it Forward" Family!
 I want to tell Nick, Stacey, Mitchell, Faye and Little Nixon how thankful I am to them for letting me into their "home". Knowing the Meldrum family has improved my life!

Pay It Forward!,


Concetta said...

What a beautiful story and an amazing family! I can see that they will touch and inspire many people through their great love and determination to live life to the fullest every moment!

Thank you, dearest Lark, for featuring this precious family and bringing us into their world - what an honor!


Carolina HeartStrings said...

What a wonderful post. Thank you Lark for sharing that.

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

wow, can't say enough about this post. This warmed my heart, thank you for sharing.

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