Friday, September 14, 2012

Ham Roll Sandwiches

You know those easy to prepare
appetizer's where you take deli
ham slice's and spread some
softened Cream cheese over,
then chop up some chives
and perhaps add a few 
shakes of Franks hot sauce
then roll up?
Well that is all there is to these
Ham Roll Sandwiches!
I figured WHY NOT?
I created these one night when 
had NO idea what to fix and 
NO time in which to fix anything.
It seemed that I was headed
out the door, my daughter was already
gone at practice and my husband was 
calling my cell phone asking
 what time to be home from his shop
for dinner. So I knew it had to happen FAST!
They were a HIT! EVERYONE loved them!
Go ahead and try them for yourself.

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