Thursday, December 13, 2012

Popcorn Cake~ My Traditional birthday Cake!

Now don't judge the recipe by the name.
I know it sounds a little different,
but in this case different is YUMMY!
Ever since I can remember I
have chosen this as my Traditional
Birthday Cake. 
And believe it or not I have never 
had to make it for myself.
I have had family members make it for me
and this year a good friend of mine surprised
me by making it. Basically it is a giant
popcorn ball that has been shaped
in an Angel food cake pan.
You really need to make it before you make
up your mind that it doesn't sound good.
Then I bet y'all will be "hooked" too.   ;)

Popcorn Cake
22 C. popped popcorn~
*remove un-popped kernels
2 (12oz.) Pkg. Large Marshmallow's
2 Stick's Butter
1 C. Crushed Candy Cane's
1 C. Salted Peanuts
1 C. Small Gumdrops

Melt butter along with marshmallows in
a large saucepan over low heat until melted.
Place your popped popcorn into a lightly
sprayed large bowl. Add in the peanuts,
candy canes and gumdrops.
Pour melted marshmallows mixture
over and stir to coat. (this takes a 
little bit of muscle...)
Pour mixture into a buttered
(not sprayed) angel food cake pan.
Press mixture into pan tightly,
you want it to feel "packed".
Chill until firm.~ My Mom say's
chill over night.
Remove from pan and slice like you
would any cake. 
The picture shows some multi-colored
frosting drizzled on the outside of the cake.
This isn't necessary, it was just for decoration.
I love traditions!


The Better Baker said...

I have made this before, and LOVED it. What a great birthday cake for the Queen of the Kitchen! Happy Belated Birthday Friend. XO

Concetta said...

Happy Birthday Dearest Lark!!

Love you - I hope you are abundantly blessed during this beautiful holdiday season!

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