Friday, January 18, 2013

Homemade Four Cheese Ravioli

Homemade Ravioli

Ravioli Dough:
2 C. All Purpose Flour
1/4 tsp. Salt
1 TBSP. Olive Oil
2 Eggs
1 1/2 TBSP. Water

4-Cheese Filling:
1 (8 oz.) Ricotta
1 (4 oz.) Cream Cheese~ softened
1/2 C. Mozzarella Cheese~ shredded
1/2 C. Provolone Cheese~ shredded
1 Egg
1 1/2 tsp Italian Seasoning

Start the dough by mixing the flour and
salt together and placing in a "mound' on 
your counter. Make a well into the flour
with your finger. Beat together the egg,
oil and water. Pour half of the egg mixture
into the whole of your flour. Mixing with your 
hands fold flour into itself along with the egg mixture.
Knead for a few minutes then add in the remaining
egg mixture. Form into a tight ball.
Wrap tightly in plastic wrap, chill for
at least 1 hour or over night.
(This will take some time for the dough to come
together. If dough is to dry you can add in 
another TBSP of Water)
For the cheese filing is is super easy.
Just add all the ingredients together
and blend well. Cover and chill until you are
ready to fill the dough.
Once your dough has chilled, you will
divide the dough into 2 disk's. 
Roll them out as thin as you possibly can. 
(again, this will take some time)
Now you need to take 1 egg and 1 tsp. of water
to make an egg wash. You will brush this on only 
1 side of the dough that has been rolled out.
With a ravioli press or a 1 inch round cookie cutter
you will lightly press (not cutting through the dough)
the dough. You are basically just marking
the dough so you know where to place the filling.
Next you will place about 2 tsp. of filling into
the marked area. Once all the spaces are filled
you will take the second piece of dough, and lay
it over top. Lightly press around each mound 
of filling to help seal the two pieces of dough
together. Now you will take your cutter
and cut out each ravioli. 

 At this stage you can either freeze the ravioli's
or you can boil them for your dinner! :)
Boil them for about 4 minutes and the
ravioli's have floated to the top.
Serve with your favorite sauce.
Bon' Appetit !

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