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Chicken and Sausage Gumbo /Cooking Planit Review

Many of you that have followed
along with me on this foodie
journey of mine, are just like me.
In regards to liking to get in the
kitchen and just GO to work.
However I do know that there are
many out there that do NOT enjoy
being in the kitchen. For many it is
a time management issue, perhaps
a lack of confidence, or not
understanding how to coordinate
ingredients together.
This is where the Cooking Planit
web site will help you change all
those little deterrents. Cooking Planit has
asked if I would give their web site a try, then 
share with my readers what I thought about it.
As I logged on for the first time I wasn't quite
sure what it was all about or just how it worked.
SO I thought that I would let them
describe it to:
"Whether you’re a professional chef, working
 mother or single young professional, 
Cooking Planit brings a fool-proof approach to
 cooking great meals on a budget.
 Users can adjust personal preferences and/or
dietary restrictions to weed out any unwanted
 options to bring the best recipes forward.
 From mapping out a menu, to grocery shopping,
to coordinating several dishes in the kitchen....
you are sure to impress your family and friends
 with your new skills."
You have the option of using one of the
many recipes on their site, or you can input
one of your own to help you set up a
plan of action.
I will say in my opinion Cooking Planit  would
be a great site for brand new cooks, beginners.
They make sure to list every step you need to
make. For example if making a garden salad
it would tell you to rise the lettuce, spin or pat dry,
then tell you to cut or tear the lettuce......
Do you understand what I am explaining?
It describes every basic step in
"kindergarten" terms. 
For me, using it took more time, than if I just
went about how I usually prepare my families meal.
I prepared (2) meals using two of the recipes
found on the Cooking Planit site. Following
EACH and EVERY direction they provided.
I then made one of my own recipes
(listed below) using their directions,
then I  prepared it on my own, as I usually
would. I wanted to see if there
 was a time difference.
There was a HUGE time difference!
It took an extra 49 minutes to prepare the
my recipe by using their site.
I felt like I was using up more time checking
on each step, than if I just went ahead and
prepared it.
**I do want to make it clear though, that if you
are NOT a person that feels at home in
the kitchen, Cooking Planit might be the
perfect tool to help you become so.
My first thought when trying out this
site was it would be great for
newly graduated High School students,
or a newly married couple.
It all adds up to what level/skill you
cook at. Go visit Cooking Planit and
see if the simple cooking steps will help
you feel more at ease in the kitchen.
Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
8 C. Water
2 C. Chicken Broth
4 Skinless Boneless Chicken Breasts
1 (13oz.) Beef Smoked Sausage~ sliced
1 Onion~ Chopped
4 Celery Ribs~ diced
2 Garlic Cloves~ minced
2 TBSP. Butter
1 C. Flour
1 Stick Butter~ cubed
1 (8oz.) Hunts Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce
Salt/Pepper to taste
*Cooked Rice to serve with Gumbo
In a large stock pot bring to a boil the
water, chicken, broth, onion and any seasoning
you want to add. I like cumin, chili powder
and garlic powder. I use 1 tsp. each. Boil
for 15-20 minutes or until the chicken
is cooked through and easy to cut.
While chicken is boiling, sauté the
onion, celery, garlic and butter.
For 5 minutes or until fork tender.
Add these into the chicken/broth.
Next take the sliced sausage place
in a  skillet cooking over medium
heat to brown on both sides.
Then add this to the stockpot.
Turn down the heat, simmer for
20 minutes.
Now it's time to make your roux.
in a large skillet melt your butter
over medium/high heat.
Stir in the flour, making sure
not to allow the flour to burn!
Once the roux is browned, you will
take a cup at a time of the broth
in the stockpot, adding to the roux
as you whisk. This will become thick.
Keep whisking to make sure you
don't have any lumps.
Take off heat, and stir in the
tomato sauce. Now add this into
stockpot. (at this point all the
ingredients will be in the pot.
Stir until all the roux is mixed in
and blended well.
It will look a little "thin" however
it will thicken up as you stir.
Let simmer for another 20 minutes
then you are ready to serve over
some steamed rice.

Go Register for a FREE
Cooking Planit Account HERE

**You can go HERE for a list of
all 50 Food Bloggers and the dates
of which their giveaway/reviews
will be published.
*All opinions in the above post
are solely my own. I was not
compensated for this review.
**Cook ware used in this post
are from the T-Fal Stainless Steel
Non-Stick set.


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