Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce~ A Canning Session

Many of you know how much I enjoy
canning. And this time of the year is
when I enjoy canning the most.
Usually the weather has cooled off
enough that I can open the windows
and doors to enjoy the cool breeze as I
am stirring and stirring over the warm
stove. (lol) However this Summer
heat is hanging on a lot longer.
That being said, this is my 1st canning
session of the Fall Season.
I thought I would share with y'all
just how I go about prepping the
tomatoes in order to start making
my homemade spaghetti sauce.
(After all NOT everyone knows how to can!)
#1~ you need to make sure you have
all the proper Canning Supplies.
#2~ Next choose a tomato that will hold
the taste and texture you like.
#3~ Make sure you set aside enough
time to give the process it's due. Canning
is NOT hard, however it IS time consuming.
To start you need to place a large stock pot
half way full of water to boil.  While the water
is heating you will cut a "x" into the bottom
of each tomato. I also like to remove the
hull of the tomato at this time.
I do this to all of the tomatoes
before I start placing them into the
boiling water, it makes it go a lot
faster since you wont have to stop
to cut more tomatoes.
Now using a large spoon or ladle
place about 6-8 tomatoes depending
on the size of your tomatoes,
into the water.

You will let them set in the water
for about 30 seconds, or until the
skin on the tomato starts to wrinkle
and peel back. Quickly remove each
tomato and place them directly into
a ice bath. I just do this in my sink.
This will stop the cooking process
as well as cool the tomato down
enough to make it easier to handle
while you remove the skin.
I remove the skins as soon as I can,
while the other tomatoes are boiling.
 At this point it is up to you to
decide if you like chunky or smooth
spaghetti sauce. My family likes
smooth, so at this point I place
them into my food processor to
puree.  Once you have all the tomatoes
either puréed or chopped, you can start
mixing the ingredients together for the sauce.
*I usually just taste and add ingredients as I go
along in the cooking process.
 I  tried to narrowed my recipe down to make it a
little bit easier for Y'all to make a smaller
batch if needed. FOR EVERY 8 Cups of tomato
puree or chopped you will add the following:

3 (8 oz.) Tomato Paste ~ I like to use Hunt's Brand
that has added Basil, Oregano and Garlic
4 Garlic Cloves ~ minced
1 Med White onion~ minced
1/4 C. Green Onion~ minced
1 tsp. Oregano
1 TBSP. Italian Seasoning
1 tsp. Black Pepper
1 TBSP Salt
4 Pkg.'s Dry Spaghetti Sauce Mix
2 C. Water.
*Optional Mushrooms~ minced

Mix all ingredients together and place in a
large stock pot, simmer on Med.-Low heat
for 2 hours. Stirring often.

**Taste the sauce and add more water
if it is too strong tasting or add more
of your desired ingredients.
Now your ready to ladle it into your
hot cleaned jars. (follow the directions
on the jar box if you have any questions.)
I process them in a Hot Water bath for
15 minutes each batch. Let cool over night.
Happy Canning Season!



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