Sunday, March 20, 2011

Made it on Monday....

Was a HUGE success! I am so excited by all the recipes you submitted.
I am looking forward to making many of them. 

What I love most about link parties are finding NEW Blogs to follow.
And being able to read or make comments. The more  blogs I find, the more I realize  how small the world really is and how diverse we all are.
I LOVE IT! I hope each of you will visit the other links and comment often, the more the merrier right?!

So on that note, let me say thank you!

Now here are my Top 3 picks from last week.
Don't forget to grab a "I was featured on Made it on Monday button's.

Sky High Cookie Pie
 *Wow...I mean do you see the "Chunk's 'O Chocolate goodness"? 
This is pretty much a home run in the sweetness category.

My second pick goes to these flavor packed
Korean Style Chicken Noodle Bowl's
 I have started making a lot of stir fry type meal's.
Even my husband agrees that this looks good.

This #3 pick was calling to my CARB loving body! (lol)

I wanted to rush in my kitchen to bake up a batch of these as soon as I read through all the different flavor options. was killing me to eat my oatmeal.

Thank you to all who linked your recipes last week.
Don't forget to link your picks on "MADE IT ON MONDAY" this week.
*Link will be open to submit Wednesday - Saturday every week.
I will post my TOP 3 each & every Monday*
Please make sure the "TOP 3" leave how I can contact them.

I can't wait to see what you send in this week.


Unknown said...

That cookie pie looks delicious! Yum-o!

Lisa @ Flour Me With Love said...

Thank you so much for featuring my recipe is greatly appreciated :)

Michael said...

How fun! Thanks for choosing my donut recipes! You can contact me at aimsman27 at yahoo dot com! Thanks!


Hey....I have been trying to link up with you this week but today is the first day the linky showed up for me. Of course, it could be that I am in such a hurry that I missed it but I have looked a few different times. Sorry this is a little late but since there were no other links added, I thought maybe I wasn't the only one. What day do you normally post the linky? I love your blog, by the way! Very attractive.

Unknown said...

Sorry, I am not quite sure as to why the post for "Made it on Monday" is acting up!

Please bare with me for a minute.....

Slice of Southern said...

this is fun! Thanks for having the linky party, I just added a lousious chocolate mousse cake!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for my amaaaaazing gifts! You are in my blog today. :)

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