Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My first visit with a Physical Therapist..

Was today! And no Insurance didn't pay for it. But I figured that I needed to see someone just to make sure the "moves" I was doing on my own at home, weren't making matter's worse. Well I guess I have been doing something right. However I did learn a few more moves to help. Who would have guessed that I would go 4 weeks after surgery with NO
physical therapy?! All I have to say is that this had better make things feel ALOT better.
I still can go running...but at least I can go walking every other day. Better than nothing.

Can you believe Father's Day is only 1 1/2 weeks away. What is it that you get your father?
Or your husband?
I usually make sure I get both of them a card. My Dad, VERY hard to buy for! And I am not to sure as to what I will get him. Now Matt, is pretty easy to buy for. I only have to give him anything that has to do with the COWBOYS. Or but a new tool for the shop. So I am going for the COWBOY theme this year. I will clue you in as to what his gift was, after Father's day. The surprise is killing you!! (lol)

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