Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miles, miles, miles......

the more the better! I am so happy to be getting out in the world of exercising again. It is a slow process. I still cant jog very much, but it will come in time. And with my new Body Bugg I am loving, logging miles and burning the calories.
I never thought I would ever be addicted to working out. And NEVER thought I would be running in marathons. Just goes to show how much you can change your own view on life with the decision to just get healthier.
One person I have to say that really makes me feel better about myself and makes me want to do a great lady by the name of Heidi Leavitt! She was the local "Marathon runner" that I thought was crazy when I heard that she ran 26.2 miles. However I always looked up to her. She never made you feel as if you couldn't do it. Or made you feel as if she was so much more important than anyone else. When I first started to workout & loose weight years ago, she always made sure she encouraged me, or told me I was looking good. ALWAYS a kind word!! And when I finally made the commitment to do my first Marathon, she was the first friend to wish me well. And with in hours of me finishing my 1st Marathon, there was Heidi sending me a text of congrats! And wanting to know how I was feeling.
I hope no matter where we all are in our own "stage" of life, we will be the "Heidi" of the world and encourage ALL others to feel as if they can do it!

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