Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Craft Season has begun....

Fall is almost here. And with the cooler weather comes Crafts at my home.
the first craft show of the season is here in good 'ol Alamo, NV. on Sept. 24th-25th
at the Ahnder Home. So if your in the neighborhood come on by and start your Holiday shopping.
I have posted a few pictures of the crafts I will be selling. If you see something you want let me know & I will set one aside for you.

I also do ALOT of Home Canned Goods. And this year I am adding a few new flavored Jams, along with every one's favorite Apple Butter and my own "Fall" Butter.
Nothing says "fall" to me than the taste of Homemade "Butters" served along some hot biscuits.
I will also be selling this at Thanksgiving & Christmas time.

Check back often to see when my Holiday Goodies list for 2010 comes out.

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