Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slow Cookers (or AKA Crock Pot)

I Love being able to put in that night's Dinner early in the morning or afternoon,
Set the Temp & Time of cooking, and leave for work, knowing when I return home I will have nothing to do other than set the table.

When I graduated High School I received my first Crock Pot......however didn't even use it and gave it away. Then later when I got married I was given another. I tried in once in awhile, usually when I made a large pot of Chili or soup. Boy was I "missing it"!

I use my Slow Cooker at least once a week. From Pot Roast to Stacked Enchilada's. I have even
tried a Cobbler in it. I now look for Cook Books and recipes that use this method of cooking.
I don't know how I lived with out using it for so long.
I have also posted a few recipes I like using the Crock Pot. If you have one sitting on a shelf with a few inches of dust on it.....dust it off and give it a try!

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