Tuesday, January 18, 2011

P.F. Chang's Rock-N- Roll Arizona 1/2 Marathon

Let me first say....I LOVED THIS RACE!

It seemed to have a easy going feeling. A great Expo and a surplus
. of great spectators.
And you couldn't have asked for better weather!
This race started a bit later than other races I have been too, however
I still had to get up @ 4:00 am As to make sure we( my friend Cedar)
and I got to the right spot for us to catch a shuttle to the start of the race. UGH!
But Cedar got us there in record time. :)
Even while waiting around to check my gear bag and take a visit
to the port-a-potty..the weather was nice. I think around 55 degrees.
The course was a nice scenic route. And filled with cheering spectators.
Plenty of water & Cytomax stops along the way, plus a GU stop as well.
I only seamed to have a hard time when I hit the steady incline the last 4 miles of the race. But I was "light" on my feet and really enjoyed the race. So I was not racing against the clock. It was nice to just enjoy being a part of the race.
By the time I finished it was 72 degree's! No kidding!
I even got my first "sun burn" of the year!

It was a great weekend. I was so happy to get to know Cedar better.
We had first meet each other while doing the 3-Day for the Cure in November.
She was a wonderful Hostess. And I loved meeting her friends & coworkers .
I am for sure doing this race next year! I hope Cedar will have me back?! :)

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Cedar Bennett said...

My sweet!! I had a wonderful weekend! So glad to have spent it with you, and gained a new appreciation for crumb cake and salted caramel hot chocolate. I can't wait for all the fun to come this year!! I plan to be kicking butt down the strip and at Disneyland with you, not to mention our traditions of Komen 3-day and the medal requisite for desert double down pfc phoenix :) xoxo

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