Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cilantro-Lime Rice...aka Cafe Rio Rice

If you have never tried Cafe Rio...you are missing out.
The  Cilantro Lime Rice is SOOOOO good.
This is the closest I can get to the REAL deal.

1 C. Uncooked Mexican Rice
2 tsp. Butter
2 Cloves of garlic minced
2 TBSP Lime juice
1 (15oz.) Chicken Broth
1 C. Water
3 TBSP. Chopped Cilantro

Combine the water, broth,butter, garlic and 1 TBSP Lime juice.
Cook in a sauce pan or rice cooker for 15-20 minutes or until rice is tender.  Fluff with a fork and add in remaining juice and the cilantro.

I like to pair this with my Marinated Chicken Kabob's.



Aimee said...

Too funny. We had Crockpot Barbacoa with Cilantro rice for dinner tonight. My recipe is different though, I plan on posting it soon (there was no good lighting tonight). I might get a picture tomorrow with my leftovers :)

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

This sounds like a great light fare...just what I need after diving into the frosting and doing a bunch of 'frosting' shots. You are great as usual Lark

Lisa said...

I've had rice with lime before and loved it, but that cilantro sounds like a tasty idea.

Food Glorious Food! said...

This is new to me! I must try this and share it with my friend! Thanks for the recipe!

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