Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chunky Pork Chop Gravy

Chunky Pork Chop Gravy
Let me start by saying..oh my flipping heck!
This is soooo Dang good!

I made this up one night, by chance.
I didn't have anything in the house 
except a few pork chops,
since we had already eaten pork chops earlier in
the week I had to make something "new".
 It was a huge hit! 
I served it over rice, however since then I have 
served it over baked potato's. Wonderful!!
Chunky Pork Chop Gravy
 3 Thick boneless pork chops~ cut into pieces
1 (14.5oz) Chicken Broth
2 (2.75oz) Country Gravy Mix
1 (1.25oz) Pork Gravy Mix
2 C. Water
 1 tsp. Pepper 
green onions~optional
Cooked Rice, Noodles or Baked Potato's
Season and cook the pork chops.
Bring water and broth to a boil.
Stir in the gravy mixes and whisk until thickens.
Then add in the cooked pork chops.
Simmer for 10 minutes
Pour over rice, baked potato's or noodles.
Finish off chopped green onions.

Cheers to fuss free dinner's!


Siggy Spice said...

OMGracious! This looks so stinkin' YUMMY!! I was just making out my menu plan...trying to use what is in the freezer....and wouldn't you know it, I have pork chops! Thanks for the fabulous idea!

Angie said...

I love meals like this one (by chance). They are the ones that take precedence over a followed recipe. Yummmm-O!! I know I have pork chops in my freezer. Heading that way now!

Krista said...

That looks yummy! But I do have to say my eye went right to the watermelon in the background. Lol. I love watermelon.

I love your site and have awarded you a little something. You can see it here and pick up your award:

The Better Baker said...

Hurrah for you Lark! A terrific meal and award all in one...pretty cool. (But then I already knew you were=)

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