Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where do YOU live?

Many of you have asked me either via
or My Twitter Page, just where the heck I live?
 Some of you have noticed I post that I
am heading "into town"....but where is town?
So I thought I would take off the kitchen apron, 
sit down and have a friendly chat with y'all.
I live in the Great Silver State ~ Nevada.
In a small town called Alamo.
When I say small I mean... small!
There are no stoplights, no Walmart or Targets, 
no McDonald's, nope not even a Starbucks.
 There are No fast food restaurants.
It has NO city Pool or Gym. 
In order to find any of those listed above I
 travel 100 Miles South to Las Vegas.
Now I can already hear y'all whisper
out loud "WHY?" as you shake your head.
(Caught ya didnt I?
Let me tell ya WHY...
Here in my hometown we DO have...
A safe environment, where everyone know's your 
name. (Que the Cheer's theme song) 
A public School system where your child
actually knows their teacher and visa versa.
(3) Different Church establishments, that all
reach out to help the community.
Our local "Hardware Store" is affectionately 
called "Logans"~ due to the sweet family that run it.
We have a wonderful "Mom and Pop"
grocery store/gas station,where they have a
Hot Grill  for our "burger/fried chicken" cravings.
There are also local eateries...
we have Carlo's Mexican restaurant,
Scoop's Ice Cream/Sandwich Shoppe.
Our  Post Office is run by only (3) employee's.
 (I worked as the post master relief
for a couple of years after moving here. I can tell
you, this is the "hub" of the town. You can count on 
seeing friends here daily!)
a Credit Union who really does look out for you.
Our local Sherriff's office, Highway Patrol
County Court House as well as the public Library
All share the same building.
It is not a "FANCY" town, just full of good 'ole 
Country folk who wave as you pass them. 
Bring you dinner when a new baby is born.
Who put together a Dinner for family members
after a funeral. Where your children are watched
over as they grow. Where weddings are celebrated 
by the whole town.  Where your children can try out
for any and all Sports. 
Where every 4th of July
is a HUGE event celebrated in the town park,
where kids get their face painted, generations sit on a 
float decorated with crepe paper in a parade.
Where going out  on a date requires a
 4-Wheeler and a rifle.
On hot Summer days the kids can play
Night games with a flash light. Or go to 
natural Warm Spring, or a homemade slip-n-slide..
I live here for many reasons.
I have listed just a few, there are so many more!
Yes sometimes I wish town was a little closer.
Or that I didnt have to wait for a weekend to make
the trip to see a movie, or go to a mall.
However I wouldnt trade these years I have lived here
for all the Starbucks in the world.
I mean where else could I go on an annual
Thanksgiving 4-wheeler ride?
Or go Rock Tipping?  (lol)
I hope this makes you understand a little bit
better as you look into My Country Heart.
Very Blessed to live here,


Kalamity Kelli said...

20 years ago, I wouldn't have called you lucky - but today I know you are! My husband and my mother are from towns just like yours. My two step-sons grew up in a one horse town as well. I did not and always thought it must be awful to not have Walmart or movie theaters in town and everyone knows your business. But as I've gotten older and gained wisdom I have found that 4-H is a terrific way to help kids learn responsibility and while everone is nosy - they are also fiercely loyal and the entire town comes together to celebrate a wedding and to mourn a death. As my husband and I sit in the 3rd largest city in the state in a home we've lived in for 10 years where we only know SOME of our neighbor's first names and certainly do not have ANY kind of conversations with them - I am t hinking you are one of those lucky people who has less fear and more comfort than the rest of us. Kelli

The Better Baker said...

What a sweet post! Some things are just more important than 'convenient' huh? Thanks for sharing all those cool things. We live in a very small town similar to yours...though we do have ONE stop light! =) Country living is well worth being far from 'town'. Our WalMart is only 15 miles away so I guess it's safe to say you are in the 'sticks' farther out than we are. LOL Love that you are happy there. Community is SO important....and it's definitely a great place to raise your family.

Patty said...

Here in Kansas we live in a town I called BIG when we first moved here. We are the county seat, have more churches than I can count,have a Bluegrass get=together every year(Walnut Valley Festival)A walmart, and several other small stores.I grew up in Oklahoma in the country, next to a 300 person town.

Melissa said...

Patty - I think we are neighbors! =)

I grew up in a small town in Kansas on a Dairy Farm ( in the 60's/ 70's )
the nearest town had about 365 people, ( and still does )

I dont think there are any stop lights there..only stop signs.

I miss the country life..really peaceful.

Living in a bigger city can really appreciate the country living!

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