Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Day Cake

Don't let the simple name of this
recipe fool you. This cake is so moist.
The pineapple in the cake makes
a huge difference in the texture.
(In a great way!)
And the frosting...
Oh My Flipping Heck, you're
gonna want to lick the bowl clean!
Spring Day Cake
2 C. Sugar
2 C. Flour
2 Egg's~ beaten
2 tsp. Baking Soda
1 (15oz.) Can Crushed Pineapple~(DO NOT DRAIN)
1 tsp. Almond Extract
Cream Cheese Frosting
1 (8oz.) Cream Cheese~ softened
1/2 C. Butter~ softened
2 1/2 C. Powdered Sugar
1 tsp. Vanilla
1/2 C. Nut's or Coconut~ *optional
Preheat oven to 350
Place all the cake ingredients into a mixing bowl
and mix until well blended.
Pour into a greased 13x9" pan.
Bake for 40-45 minutes.
While cake is baking mix together
the cream cheese and butter.
Beat until smooth. Add in the
powdered sugar and vanilla,
continue beating for 2 minutes.
Spread frosting over warm cake.
*You can also half this recipe for
a 9x9" pan.
Perfect dessert for Spring!


Marsha Baker said...

I would so love this dessert! I actually have my own version of it written out on a card in front of me, reminding me to make it soon. I love the addition of almond flavoring, rather than the vanilla I always use. And I am in love with cream cheese...perfect topping for anything!

Karen Ransom said...

Do you drain the pineapple? Sounds and looks wonderful!

Larks Country Heart Harrington said...

Karen, No you do not drain!

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