Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Retro Popcorn Popper

Isn't this so cool?
 I LOVE it.... I received this from a friend (Bob & Sharon)
My husband just brought it home one day from work, saying Bob told him to give it to me, since I like to make treats. :)  Ahhh what a guy.
 And let me tell you I have been popping away.
What I really love about this popper is that it is an AIR popper!
I know it looks like one of those oil cookers, but it's not.
Aren't you all envious? 


Ashley said...

So cool! I've always wanted one for parties and stuff, but the cost and storage seemed like too big a hassle. That's awesome you got one for free!

Anonymous said...

I am SO envious! I love my air popper, but I can't make anywhere near the volume that you can with yours. And yours is just plain cool.

BTW--nice to be-friend you on Tasty Kitchen.


The Better Baker said...

VERY nice surprise! I would love it. Great that it's an air popper...and very cool looking too. You are a spoiled woman! =)

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