Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Facts Blogger post

Here we go...I hope I will do "justice" to these (7) Fabulous Blog's.
I am not quite sure if I am even doing this right....however I Will do my best! I was first "tagged" by Food is Love . And then "tagged' again by 
The Devilish Dish

Now it is my turn to hight light some post's from Lark's Country Heart
Here are the rules:
1.) Use only one Link per Category. 
2) Choose 5 blogging Friends to"tag". 
*Using your own post's from your own blog, and  these Categories:
Most Beautiful, Most Popular, Most Controversial, Most Helpful, The post that was surprisingly successful, the post that didnt get the attention it deserved, and The post I am most proud of.
Most Beautiful: Breakfast Panzaella

 This dish is so simple and full of fresh fruit sweet flavors!

Most Popular: There was actually a Tie for this one so I will let you be the judge, and show you both.

Most Controversial: I am not sure if I would call this "controversial" or not
but I will say I received (1) comment That lead up to me posting THIS....

Most Helpful: See same link as above.

The post that was surprisingly Successful: 

The post that didn't get the attention it deserved: 
 Post I am most Proud of: Homemade Apple Spice/Pumpkin Spice Syrup
*I chose this because it show's (ME) how I have improved on my photography. It is a work in progress with me...ha, ha.

Now it is my pleasure to share with you a few blogs I enjoy!
Please go visit them and let them know Lark's Country Heart sent you.

*Just a small note to add there were a TON of Blog's I wanted to "tag"...However many have already been tagged. That and I just went with the 7 I thought needed to be "tagged" know that gut feeling So please DO NOT feel bad if I didnt "tag" your blog! I love each and everyone of my foodie fans/friends.*


Laurie Alves said...

Love it!! I have to admit, I have to go back and search your treasure trove of recipes! Those Pancakes are outstanding!!!

Concetta said...

Hi Lark,
Thank you for tagging me - am I now to tag 7 blogs and answer those questions?
All your recipes look perfect to me! So glad we became friends in blogland.
Have a great weekend!
I am in Panama City Beach with my whole entire family this week, but I am trying to sneak in a little blogging.

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

thanks Lark, this was a really fun post to read and to view all the highlighted posts. I love all of your yummy things! HUGS!

Candi said...

Thanks for playing! So fun!

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