Sunday, August 14, 2011

Homemade Apple Spice Syrup/ Pumpkin Spice Syrup

I don't have any other word that will tell you just how good this syrup is!
I could say it was....sweet, fabulous,amazing, sinful, divine
however the word WOW says it all!
Lark's Apple Spice Syrup

With this syrup I have made a dessert out of a muffin.
Waffle's to die for.
Pumpkin Pancake's Sing.
And don't forget the Ice Cream....It is heaven!
I am telling you, once you make this syrup
you will make sure to always have it on hand.

Lark's Pumpkin Spice Syrup

Homemade Creamy Syrup
2 C. Butter *I have used Margarine and it works too*
4 C. Sugar
2 C. Buttermilk
8 TBSP. Karo Corn Syrup
4 tsp. Baking Soda
4 tsp. Vanilla
1/2 tsp. Apple Pie Spice * or Pumpkin Pie Spice*

In a Large sauce pan bring to boil for 4 minutes,
Butter, Sugar, Buttermilk and Corn Syrup.
Stirring constantly.
Remove from heat and stir in Baking soda, vanilla and Spice.
The mixture will bubble up, so make sure you are
using a Large enough sauce pan.
*note: just trade out the flavor of Pie Spice
to get the desired flavor.
You  can top off crisps, brownies, Oatmeal...
just about anything you want.
To Sweet Topping's!


Angie {Successful2gether} said...

these sound AWESOME!
Thank you for sharing!

Krista said...

This screams fall to me. Some sliced apples w/ this, or even a sweet bread. Or me w/ a straw.....Lol Thanks for sharing on Church Supper.

Everyday Mom's Meals

Lisa said...

That looks awesome! I bet this would even be fantastic drizzled over ice cream.

mimi's Needle and thread said...

heavens to betsy ! I love these are my new best friend !

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

wow Lark this looks amazing...the pic's are fantastic as well...FuN

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect treat to make on this rainy Sunday!

Veronica Gantley said...

Anything apple and spicy is very comforting to me. It also makes your house smell fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

The Better Baker said...

Yeah Baby!! This sticky sweet YUM is right up my alley...into my taste buds. Your photos here are just marvy too! So glad you shared.

Dip It In Chocolate said...

I have just recently discovered flavored syrups for waffles and things... Who knew right!?

Never going back to maple... ;)

Dawnye7 said...

Ugh, how can one person decide here? They're both so yummy.

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